Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser

Touch Australia take care to carry out their productions effectively to protect people from viruses and microbes more effectively against the epidemic we have been experiencing since 2020. Alcohol free hand sanitiser is highly effective against viruses and microbes, although it is not an alcohol base, and is safely preferred because it does not have any toxicity in terms of health.

Sanitisers that contain high levels of chemicals or alcohol can also be threatening to human health. Therefore, Touch Australia company has avoided any toxic properties on humans, animals, children, and food by manufacturing alcohol free hand sanitiser. Their non-alcoholic hand sanitiser products are produced with MikroGuard technology. Therefore, their products provide protection for 24 hours on hands and up to 30 days on surfaces.

Touch Australia’s product, produced and tested in the laboratory environment, kills 99% of bacteria. In addition, it does not have any danger on children, pets, and food, as it does not have toxic properties. Alcohol free hand sanitiser developed with vegan formulas is safely preferred by vegan people. Unlike other protective sanitisers, Touch Australia Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser also has moisturizing properties. For this reason, there are no drying or allergic reactions on your hands due to the sanitiser.

Touch Australia’s products are produced as spray or gel. Spray products are generally easy to carry in bags, and gel products are generally preferred in public areas. You can have Touch Australia’s any products you would like to use at quality and affordable prices anytime you need.

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