Koi Carp Breeding | Complete Guide

Koi Carp Breeding | Complete Guide

Koi Carps are considered blessings of nature and due to their mesmerizing benefits, they are often called “Living Jewelry” or “Swimming Flowers” etc. The difference between the demand and supply of Koi Carps is increasing day by day. This is the reason why breeding and survival rate have become the most important factors as far as the Koi Carp industry is concerned.

Unfortunately, many fake sellers sell faux Koi in the name of Japanese Koi Carps. The quality of such Koi is unacceptable. However, several sellers like www.kerutokoi.com allow you to pick original Koi sourced from Japan and quarantined for a phase to maintain their health up to optimum level. You can purchase these high-quality Koi Carps to embellish your space or for business purposes. In the latter case, you would need a thorough understanding of the breeding of Koi carps. The details related to this topic are provided below:

Breeding Age Of Koi Carps

Once they become mature sexually, Koi Carps start breeding. The minimum age for Koi Carps to breed is 2 years when the Koi fish is 12″ in length. But this age is less as far as the health of fish is concerned. It may prove dangerous or detrimental for your fish. The ideal age for Koi to breed is 5 years.

How to Distinguish Male And Female Koi Carps?

The primary indicator of a male Koi Carp is its more pointed fin shape. These fins are colorful, and smaller in size as compared to the female Koi. The fins in female Koi carps are more or less transparent, round in shape, and larger.

Spawning time of Koi Carps

The breeding season of Koi depends on the temperature of the surroundings. When the temperature of the pond water is somewhere between 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 70 in May or June, it is the ideal time of spawning for Koi Carps.

Why Do Koi Carps Eat Their Babies?

Koi Carps are friendly animals and they are not detrimental to others. After laying eggs, Koi Carps sometimes eat them, confusing them with insects. Even after the eggs are hatched, their baby Koi resemble insect larvae and therefore get eaten by mother or father Koi carps. Once the baby Koi carp grows in size and starts to look like a fish, they are not susceptible to such haphazard.

What Are Some Indicators Of Koi Carps Spawning?

For the breeding of Koi Carps to occur spontaneously, it is mandatory to maintain the population of both male and female Koi fish in the pond. If water temperature is balanced and water is clean, fish are more likely to mate naturally. While spawning, aggressive behavior has been witnessed from male Koi fish.

How Often Do Koi Carps Breed?

As soon as Koi Carps reach their stage of sexual maturity, they continue to mate only once a year till they turn 7 years. Some breeders tend to mate them twice but their egg-laying capacity reduces significantly the 2nd time.

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