Pointer Dog Buy Online in Pakistan, Prices & Facts 2021

Pointer Dog Buy Online in Pakistan, Prices & Facts 2021

The most loyal animal to a human being is the dog. A dog never leaves his owner in a difficult situation. A trained dog supports his owner in every situation and helps his owner like a normal human being.

The pointer dog is a medium-size dog and its origin is from England. This dog is also known as the English pointer. The height of these dogs is 25-27 inches, and their weight is 25-34kg. The average lifespan of the pointer dogs is 13-14 years. They are orange and white, lemon and white, liver and black and white in color. They are used as a sporting dog. They are considered a gun dog, and they pinpoint the prey in hunting. They give a signal to the hunter that they have found something and can tell where it is.

Physical Appearance

They have a long head and pointed tail. The body of this dog is lean and muscular. The body has a dense coat which may be or not sometimes pointed. The nose is wide and the tail moves sideways when it walks. On seeing the target, the tail stands upright.

Characteristics of a Pointer Dog

Following are some of the characteristics of a hunter dog:

  • They are classified as a hunting dog, a watch dog yet a friendly dog.
  • They are intelligent and adaptable to a variety of conditions and obedient by nature which make them easy to train.
  • This dog is physically strong, large, having athletic traits and stamina.
  • They are friendly with children. They love to live indoors.
  • They have high capacity of excessive bark
  • They have a strong will for fight and are independent
  • If they are left alone, they feel boredom and suffer from anxiety. The separation troubles them. They are loyal to human beings.
  • If they get bored, they show some negative behavior like digging and chewing different things that cost vet bills to the owners.
  • There should be a large space for them to run and vigorous, frequent exercise. The pointer must exercise for one hour a day.
  • They can be rowdy especially when they are younger.

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The Best Breed in Pointer

  • Italian Spinone
  • Small Munsterlander
  • Irish red and white setter
  • Wirehaired pointing griffon
  • Weimaraner
  • Pudel pointer
  • German longhaired pointer
  • German white-haired pointer

Pointer Dog For Sale in Pakistan

In Pakistan, pet dogs are considered the sign of status for many families. People love to spend money on adopting, buying and nurturing them. Most of the people from the upper middle class and upper class take interest in this hobby. Some take them as a hobby and some as a business. There are different online platforms in Pakistan that are involved in the sale of pet animals. These are OLX, Facebook, pet finder, pet city and pet mania etc. The sale of a pointer dog is also very popular in Pakistan. There are different prices for pointer dogs according to the quality of breed. The average range of the price of a pointer is from 15000 to 40,000 PKR depending upon the breed of dog. With the increase in demand, Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad are the hub of the pure bred business of pets. People breed and sell these pets and raise money.

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