The Top 5 Luxury Dog Accessories 2021

There are so many excellent luxury dog accessories on the market, but here is a roundup of the Top 5 worth spending money for. Below is a list of the Top 5 Luxury Dog Accessories available to purchase, from leashes to collars to activity tracker and grooming products!

Finn + Me Luxury Dog Leash

Made of imported Italian leather and manufactured in New York City, this leash is sure to please. The leather is buttery soft, the quality is best in class, and the color selection is excellent. There are so many great color options that it makes it very difficult to choose which to buy!

Fi-Dog Collar

This dog collar is so cool, and it does it all! There is a GPS chip inside of the module that allows you to see where your dog is at all times. This is perfect for when your dog walker comes to take your dog for their daily walk when you are at the office. Now you can practically be with your dog on their walk from your desk by following along on the app. The Fi Collar also allows you to track your dog’s exercise and activity. It monitors how many miles walked (or ran!) and calories burned. Another cool feature is that if your dog ever runs out of the house, you are immediately notified on your phone that your dog has left your property. No more running away!

Kiehl’s Dog Shampoo

We all love Kiehl’s products for ourselves. Their luxurious skin and hair care are favorites to many people out there. Now you can get Kiehl’s for your dog for the ultimate luxury bath experience. Their three-part line is excellent for dogs of all sizes and hair types. The Cuddle Coat Shampoo suds right up into your dog’s coat and will remove dirt and debris. After shampooing, use the conditioning rinse to smooth and moisturize your dog’s coat. Your dog will be super soft and a fresh lavender scent! Kiehl’s also created the genius waterless cleansing spritz, which is essentially a dry shampoo for dogs and will work as a quick fix between washes.

The Farmer’s Dog Food

Everyone loves a delicious farm-to-table meal, including our dogs! Thanks to Farmer’s Dog, now your dog can get a personalized meal tailored to their breed, size, and needs. Whether your dog has a sensitive stomach, dry skin, or allergies, The Farmer’s Dog will tailor a diet to your dog’s needs. All ingredients are human-grade, delivered to your door, and come in a personalized pouch! It’s like Michelin Star dining for dogs!

Rebel Dawg Tags

These are not your average dog tags! Made of BPA-free plastic, these tags are witty, creative, and cute! Choose from a cheeky tag with a clever saying, or opt for an ID Tag complete with name and contact details. All tags come in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes. Whichever you choose, you are sure to turn heads!

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